Things To Do In Tombstone AZ

Located in the southeastern region of Arizona, just over an hour from Tucson, the town has kept and renovated many of the old structures, which are now museums, restaurants, and shops open to the public. Tombstone is the vacation destination of many celebrities and tourists. Visitors are encouraged to take a trip back in time and join in on the action.

We understand that looking for the best things to do in Tombstone AZ is not going to be easy if this is your first time in the country! Therefore, we have composed this list of the best tourist attractions and activities to do in Tombstone to help you plan your trip!

Top 10 Best Things To Do In Tombstone Az

Here are the top 10 best things to do in Tombstone AZ, let’s note them down on your trip plan!

1. Seeing A Gunfight At The OK Corral

The OK Corral is one of the most well-known tourist attractions that you should visit first once you arrive at Tombstone AZ. It was the location of the epic shooting out between the Earp and Clanton groups in 1881, which became a legend in the Old West.

Today, life-sized models of these nine gunfighters stand on the locations where the shooting happened, giving an idea of the general layout of the event. The setting has remained mostly unchanged since 1881.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
OK Corral

A recreation of the gunfight takes place every day inside OK Corral, with the hints of guns discharging and weapon smoke noticeable all around.

Apart from seeing the gunfight re-enactment, you can visit the Historama and the Tombstone Epitaph with the same ticket. Tourists can likewise visit the corrals and Photo Gallery.

2. Walking Along Allen Street

This is the place where large numbers of significant attractions are situated, such as the shops, restaurants, and the well-known old cantinas.

Do not forget to walk only on the covered footpaths among the roads to avoid the intense sun of this town. This Allen Street is also famous for many historical re-enactments, where entertainers put on arranged gunfights, and saloon fights break out in the coffee shop.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Allen Street

3. Boothill Cemetery

The next destination on this list of things to do in Tombstone AZ is visiting the Boothill Cemetery!

Boothill Graveyard in Tombstone is the last resting place for the entirety of the town’s hanging, lynching, and shootout casualties. There are an estimated 276 graves, many of which are unmarked.

People established Boothill in 1878 and included many unidentified grave markers due to the lack of identification at that time.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Boothill Cemetery

A few years down the line, they re-established the cemetery, with the crosses revamped and repainted, giving it a significantly less realistic feel.

4. Tombstone Courthouse State Historic Park

Nowadays, people call Tombstone Courthouse the State Historic Park. It was created in 1882 and then abandoned in 1929 when the seat moved to Bisbee.

This courthouse is the location for the sheriff, treasurer, recorder, and board of supervisors to work in, which also had a jail in the back.

The structure now houses one of Tombstone’s finest museums. Here you will find a wealth of information about the lives of residents in the late nineteenth and early eighteenth centuries.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Tombstone courthouse state historic park

5. Bird Cage Theater

The Bird Cage Theater has never closed since its opening in 1881. People believed that The Bird Cage, which served as a theater, dance hall, tavern, and brothel, had 140 gunshot holes in the walls and ceiling.

The original furniture is still in plain view in the hand-painted stage and symphony pit in unique condition. Moreover, photos and biographies of the various entertainers who have performed here are displayed on the stage.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Bird Cage Theater

Some of the underground rooms have been closed since 1889 and have now been opened to the public. They are still in the same condition as when they were found out a few days ago.

Most interestingly, many people believe the building is haunting. If you love experiencing and discovering those creepy areas, the ghost tour in the early evening will surely satisfy you!

6. The Goodenough Mine Underground Tour

Goodenough Mine Underground Tour can be your next stop in the town. The place attracts many tourists every year with its display of Tombstone’s history.

Deep knowledge about the mining history and what drew individuals here can be found here on the Good Enough Mine Tour. The mine went into operation in 1879 and had been the town’s key silver production site.

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Goodenough Mine Underground Tour

Nowadays, you can take an underground visit and find out with regards to the activities of the mine and hear anecdotes about the diggers.

7. Rose Tree Museum

The Rose Tree Museum, opened in the 1960s, gives visitors a glimpse into the lives of the families who have lived in Tombstone for centuries. The most giant rose tree may be found in the rear yard.

If you travel during the blooming season, from mid-March to mid-May, be sure to stop in to witness the spectacular display of double white blossoms!

Things To Do In Tombstone AZ
Rose Tree Museum

In particular, the Rose Tree Museum is a lovely spot to get away from the heat of Tombstone. The historical center additionally offers convenience in suites where you will have limitless admittance to the rose tree.

8. Tombstone Epitaph

John Philip Clum created the Tombstone Epitaph newspaper in 1880. It was the local source of information at the time, and it chronicled the events that would later become part of Tombstone’s legacy.

Nevertheless, the Epitaph Museum in Tombstone is a free site where tourists may view 1880s printing techniques. Coming to this place, you can see the on display original printing press.

9. Flandrau Science Center

The Flandrau Science Center, which is situated in Tucson, is jam-loaded with science, space, and nature reports. Even though the attraction is great for kids, their parents can also join in the fun in the middle’s flawless cooling.

There are several interactive exhibits for kids to learn while on a day out. It’s exceptionally inexpensive and entertaining enough for the whole family!

10. Gammon’s Gulch Movie Set

Paying a visit to Gammon’s Gulch Movie Set in the north of Benson is one of the tenth best things to do in Tombstone AZ!

The site is reminiscent of old movies that are shot there! There’s even some old-time saloon background music to accompany the atmosphere.

There’s a lot of historic cinema, including some of the most famous actors of the day who shot many movies in the picturesque western setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Tombstone Az Look Like Nowadays?

Today, Tombstone has a somewhat classic look into the past with notable attractions like exhibition halls, history visits by walking, stagecoach or streetcar, underground mine encounters, paranormal experiences, shopping, eating, and gunfight reenactments!

If you bring your children with you on the trip to Tombstone AZ, you can also experience all of these destinations and activities above. Yet, we highly recommend you to let them come and learn more exciting knowledge about the place at Allen Street, parks or museums.

Where Can I Stay For Sightseeing Tombstone Az?

Sightseeing in Tombstone is a long journey, so you need to find a place to stay for several days. Most of the hotels in Tombstone reflect the Old West culture, so even where you stay may carry the exact atmosphere you seek!

If you want to stay the night, there are several unique hotels to choose from, such as Larian Motel and Landmark Lookout Lodge.


Apparently, Tombstone Az is a famous site in the US with its historic destinations and activities that attracts a lot of tourists every year. Do not forget to note down all the things to do in Tombstone AZ that we’ve listed above to have the best trip and experience at this place! Thank you for reading this post!