pearls and jade pothos

Pearls and Jade pothos is a shade-loving plant that needs little sunlight to thrive. Though this indoor decorative plant can grow quickly in cool conditions, it does not mean you can treat them the same way as other plants. There are several factors that one must understand when growing these lovely green wonders. Discover more in our post below!

What Are Pearls And Jade Pothos?

Its scientific name is Epipremnum aureum, belonging to the Araceae family. This beautiful plant is native to the Islands of French Polynesia and is well-known for its irregular green and white patches on leaves.

Jade and pearls Pothos is an herbaceous climbing plant with a round, fat stem and many roots. It can be used as an aquatic plant that can tolerate partial shade, grows quickly in a cool climate, and absorbs a lot of water.

What Factors You Should Consider When Growing Pearls And Jade Pothos


It can withstand both shade and sun, but it’s better in partial shade conditions all year round. If you love to see its best variegation, provide it with bright indirect light from a northern window. Otherwise, you can plant it indoors with fluorescent lighting.

For western and southern exposure, you should place the plant a little further away from the window. If the light is too bright, you can add a curtain sheer, or the leaves will get burned and even lose their marbled appearance.


Pearls And Jade Pothos is a moisture-loving species that cannot tolerate drought. If planted outdoors, it needs to be watered every day in the early morning or late afternoon. Make sure you don’t let the water stagnate, or it will cause yellow leaves and root rot.

For indoor plants, it’s better to water once every two weeks to keep the soil moist enough. You should also bring it out to dry in the sun once a week in the early morning for about 15-30 minutes.


This plant is not picky about soil, so you can plant it in a pot of coarse sand or perlite. The soil should be loose, aerated, moisture-rich, and nutrient-rich soil for plant growth.

You can mix the mixture with gravel or small pebbles at the bottom to drain the water. You should also regularly change the soil in the pot because the old soil used for a long time can cause root rot and lose its nutrients.


The ideal growing temperature for Pearls and Jade is between 60°F and 85°F (15°C – 29°C). On winter days, you need to ensure the temperature is above 50°F (10°C).

If the temperature is too cold, the plant cells will freeze, losing the function of conducting water and nutrients for the plant. This leads to the plant withering, discoloring, and dying.


During the summer, Pearls and Jade Pothos prefers normal household humidity. In winter, you can use a room humidifier with a cool mist and make sure it’s close enough to provide moisture in the air but not wet the foliage or flowers. Suitable humidity is between 50% and 70%.


There is no need to use too much fertilizer for Pearls And Jade Pothos. If your plant grows slowly and the leaves don’t look vibrant, you can dilute synthetic fertilizer to a concentration of only a quarter. Using too much fertilizer will lead to harmful salt accumulation.

How To Propagate Pearls and Jade Pothos?


Propagation of Pearls and Jade Pothos is not too difficult. The simplest way is to propagate by cuttings. Here are the steps for cuttings:

  • Choose a branch from healthy parent plants with at least one leaf attached.
  • Cut a piece about 1.5-inches long from the healthy part of the stem. Use a sharp knife or pruning shears to cut across the trunk at a 45-degree angle. This angled cut will maximize the area for roots to grow.
  • Then dip the cut part in water until the roots grow out. Check and change the water regularly to avoid the cuttings being damaged by dirty water.
  • You can also transplant into the soil by preparing planting trays. The roots then take about three to four weeks to develop.


Do not place the propagating plant in the sun. Instead, put the pot in a shaded location relative to sunlight. Cuttings will thrive on warm temperatures and humidity, so the cut branch should be kept evenly moist but not wet as the roots develop.

It is necessary for you to check the cuttings every two weeks and water them frequently. Observe new leaf growth and root growth and put them in a more well-lit place.

When Will You Need To Repot Pearls and Jade Pothos?

Your Pearls and Jades need new repotting for better growth. It would help if you repotted it when you see many fallen leaves (though you have regularly watered it).

Another way is to gently lift the tree out of the pot and check whether the tree’s roots run vertically outward; if so, you need to repot it.

Put the Pothos in a new, larger pot and add new soil. Then provide it with a moderate amount of water so that the plant starts new growth.

Final Thoughts

Pearls And Jade Pothos is not only an indoor plant, but it also has the ability to filter the air effectively. They have a unique appearance that brings a cool, fresh space to everyone.

Hopefully, the above information will help you have a deeper insight into this plant, like how to plant, care for and propagate it better. If you have any questions, please comment below the article, and we will answer your questions.

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