how to water a garden without running water

Water, especially running water, is the most vital aspect of gardening, capable of making or breaking your garden. However, some of us don’t have the luxury of running water and have to wonder how to water a garden without running water.

That is why we prepared this article, as we hope to make things easier for new gardeners.

How To Water A Garden Without Running Water

Collecting Rainwater

The most classic answer to watering a garden without running water is using rainwater. Of course, this method relies completely on the weather, so there is a reasonable chance that you don’t get any water for a long time.

You will need to store the rainwater for plants to survive the days with no rain. All you need to do is hang gutters and direct the water in a vessel. We used two drums, measuring 55 gallons and 33. This is enough to water our small garden for two to three days.

If you worry about not having enough in the store, just bring in more buckets. Or, you can play it fancy and use a storage tank, some of which can go as high as 250 gallons. You need to run a PVC line from the gutter to the tank.

Of course, you do need to ascertain your garden’s sizes, the types of plants you have, etc. Do not blindly follow our examples, as different sizes require different approaches, especially in storage. This is not mentioning plants having a varying need for water.

If you want to use a water tank, you do need to be careful with the water pressure. For example, a cabin with a lower position compared to the garden’s top will struggle to distribute water. A quick fix is to put in a pumper, but this machine usually requires a huge investment.

The manual method is to increase the height of the tank simply. You can do so by putting things under it, but be careful; otherwise, the tank can topple, and you will lose all the water.

Collecting Snowmelt

Some folks live in places that have snow, which will just melt away once spring comes. Not capitalizing on this chance is too wasteful, as the amount of water you can collect is enormous. You also have the advantage of knowing when the snow will melt, making it easier to prepare.

Thanks to knowing a general range of the snow melting process, some people don’t even use a water tank. Instead, they build huge collection ponds specifically to store the water from snowmelt. These ponds can water a 3-acre farm for some months, and they can be refilled whenever there is rain.

You need to prepare some pumps to follow the pond method, though. After all, there rarely is a case where the water pond is in an advantageous position. A strong pump is necessary to create enough pressure and deliver the water to the plants.

You should also consider the way you want to water your garden at this stage. The method you choose must align with the way the water is delivered.


With this article, we hope that we have answered the question of how to water a garden without running water thoroughly. The two answers that we prepared can both shine brightly under the right conditions. That is why you should always analyze your situation before making a decision.

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