How To Keep Rabbits And Squirrels Out Of Garden?

Even though squirrels and rabbits are delicate nibblers, they may cause considerable damage to your garden. That is why learning how to keep rabbits and squirrels out of garden is essential. Let’s scroll down this post to get some tips for that issue now!

How To Keep Rabbits And Squirrels Out Of Garden?

Make A Fence For Your Plants

A great solution for steering away from squirrels and rabbits is to surround your little plants with a collar or fence. It is advisable to make a fence at least 2 or 3 feet high from the ground.

Keep A Dog In Your Garden

Getting a dog to patrol the yard is an excellent way to keep the squirrels and rabbits away from your plants. As canines are predators of these creatures, they will never approach your garden whenever they see your dog standing there.

Remove Things Attracting Them

Some food elements can attract squirrels and rabbits, such as the smell and sight of fallen nuts, seeds, and fruits. Also, trash cans are appealing to the squirrels. You need to clean your yard and remove all these attractants.

Use Repellent

Using repellent is also a possible solution to this issue. Many ideal commercial products and recipes can help repel rabbits and squirrels.

The primary ingredient in most repellents is capsaicin. Some of them may be terrible for humans to consume, so you should avoid spraying them on your edible crops or plants.

One thing to note is that you may get various results with different products. Therefore, it is advisable to try different repellents before you decide to apply them all at once.

Use Distraction

Distraction may not be completely efficient in keeping these creatures from your garden. Still, it can divert rabbits’ and squirrels’ interest from your flower bed, veggies, and specific crops.

You should fill food stations with treats that rabbits and squirrels love because this method will help you distract these creatures from other useful crops.

Besides, these food stations are best to be in an isolated location away from the planting beds and flowers. Remember to equip the water pit-stop there, too.

Scare Rabbits And Squirrels

People who are not fans of dogs can spray dog urine in their garden. The pee smell from them will scare away squirrels and rabbits.

Another possible method is to use motion-activated sprinklers to scare these nuances. Even though it is efficient, we suggest you should not over-rely on those motion sensors.

Make A Less-Inviting Environment

As squirrels and rabbits are at the low end of the food chain, many other animals will prey on them. That’s why they prefer to live in areas that can shield them from predators. The most common places where they live are brush piles, under porches, or tall grasses.

Hence, the best way to eliminate these nuances is to get rid of the under porches, tall grasses, and brush piles.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Soap Scare Rabbits Away?

Yes, rabbits do not like soap and spice. Thus, you can cut a piece of soap to sprinkle around the plants. You can also put chunks on the saucers around the garden.

Is It True That Human Hair Can Keep Squirrels And Rabbits Away?

Yes, it’s true. Rabbits and squirrels will be away from the odor of something that smells like humans. Putting some human hair around the plants will scare rabbits and squirrels away.

 Can Hot Pepper Spray Help?

The answer is yes. These nuances don’t have a taste for spicy things, making the hot pepper spray an effective solution for keeping them from your veggies and other plants.


The post has just given you some tips about how to keep rabbits and squirrels out of garden. You can make a fence around your plants, keep a dog in the yard, remove things attracting them, use repellent and distraction, use urine of predators, and clean up the place.

Hopefully, your garden will be free of rabbits and squirrels.

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