How To Get Mulch Out Of Grass

Although mulching is very helpful for a garden, there are still setbacks to using it. When the wind blows, there are too much dust. You want to get rid of this? One such problem is figuring out how to get mulch out of grass. Due to their nature, some mulch variants can prove to be much less manageable than one might have thought.

How To Get Mulch Out Of Grass


The first thing you will need to do is prepare all the necessary tools. You must have four things on-hand, one measuring tape, one garden hose, some landscaping spray paint, and a half-moon spade or edger.

Lay your garden hose by the mulch’s curves on the ground. Remember to keep it at a minimum of 6 inches away from your mulched border or bed.

Spray your landscaping spray paint onto the grass right at the garden hose’s side. Doing so marks an easily recognizable outline for the edging process. After you confirm that the line is clear, take the hose out.

Getting Mulch Out Of Grass

Start by pushing your half-moon spade/edger all the way into the soil, following the line you painted. Continue cutting grass in this way so that there is a 6-inch deep trench in the soil.

Do keep in mind to pull the handle back so that the grass can be pried loose. Set them aside for later use. You can use the dried grass clumps to add to the compost pile.

The cutting process should continue to the mulched area’s endpoint along the edging line. From this point, gather all the remaining grass and soil between the mulch and the edge for removal and continue cutting. Keep on doing so until there is a 6-inch deep and 6-inch wide trench in front of you.

Drag all the mulch down this trench. Make sure the mulch slopes down from the trench’s top while the grass stays at the bottom. This is a good chance to replenish your mulch layer. If you notice your mulch is fading, take this chance to replace it.

Choosing The Correct Mulch To Separate From Grass

As you may know, there are actually many mulch variants, from cardboard to nuggets. Knowing about their properties can save a lot of time when getting mulch out of the grass. As a result, you have already won half the battle if you have this knowledge.

The best mulch to separate from grass is either nuggets or chips from wood. They have less density, and simply using water can remove them from the grass.

Pine straw is a curious case. The straws can lock together and keep the mulch sliding on slopes. You can destroy this bond with a rake. That is why you can also use it to separate it from grass.


We have answered exactly how to get mulch out of grass with this article. We also threw in some additional stuff that can help this process tremendously, like which mulch to choose. As long as you can follow the instructions to a tee, we doubt that you can struggle with this process ever again.

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