How tall is a two story house?

Two-story houses are the most popular because they are highly applicable on all terrains and suitable for architectural styles.

The common question is “How tall is a two story house?” which often fluctuates with different construction such as residence/commercial buildings, warehouses, etc.

This article will answer this question and calculate its effects and benefits. Keep on reading for more details!

How Tall Is A Two Story House?

The average height of 2 story house typically ranges from 20 to 35 feet (ft). However, depending on the regulations of each region, the specific number will vary.

USA Standard

Residence Building

In the United States, two-story homes average 18 to 20 ft tall. The first floor is usually 9 ft high, and the second one is about 10 ft. Then, the occupants can feel spacious and airy.

Commercial Building

Meanwhile, each level will typically be 10 to 12 feet tall for commercial buildings. They need additional vents to create a cool space for many people to work together.

In addition, electrical wiring and air conditioning equipment run underground in the buffer space of each floor. Therefore, the vertical measurement of two-story commercial buildings is usually about 26 – 30 ft high. The height of each story and overall will increase even more with architectures such as supermarkets or commercial centers.

Manufacturing Facilities & Warehousing

These structures will often contain a lot of heavy equipment, even trucks or containers. As a result, the first floor can be as high as 20 feet, providing ample space for cargo. Meanwhile, the 2nd one will keep the same elevation from 9 to 12 ft to ensure its sustainable structure.

Europe Standard

Unlike the US, a two-story construction in Europe will include the ground, first and second floor, then three levels in all. The ground and second floors will typically be between 8 and 12 ft, and the total tallness ranges around 30 ft.

The above calculation also applies to commercial buildings in Europe. The height of the two-story building is calculated as the US, from 26 to 30 ft.

How To Measure The Tallness Of A Building?

The height of a house will start measured from the ground to the highest point of the ceiling to measure. If you do not build the floor yet, measure lengthwise, about 2 feet from the foundation, in which the measure will not include architectural elements in the measurement. For example, skylight, chimney or ducts, antennas, satellite dishes, etc.

The builder will measure from the completed point to the highest if the building is steep. The height equals the average of three completion points, such as middle, top, and bottom, measured vertically to the ceiling.

In addition, you can also calculate by measuring how tall 2 stories are, the ground thickness between them, the attic space (if any), and add them together.

What Can Affect Two Story House Height?

Ceiling Height

Typically, this evaluation will be 8 feet or more to avoid claustrophobic spaces. However, it would be best not to make it too high, unbalance the structure. The first ceiling is the highest, and each other decreases by a minimum of 1 foot.

Attic Space

The attic space is the final factor in calculating the two story building height. Its standard is usually 7 ft, so the total will range from 25 – 27 feet. In addition, the ceiling must be over 7.5 ft to ensure the requirement of having an attic area.

Roof Type

How tall is a two story house

Architectural tallness will increase when using a sloping roof or unchanged when using a flat one. Here are the types of roof slopes that change the height of structures:

  • Mansard: also known as curb or French-style roof. It has four sides and is identified by two pitched roofs on each side. The lowest slope is on a dormant window, protruding at the steepest side.
  • Gambrel: is similar to the Mansard. However, it does not have an overhanging roof; instead, it has two sides, and the lower level is steeper.
  • Gable: is a simple type with two sides that are symmetrical and connected to form a frill.
  • Saltbox: is most commonly found in New England-style homes. They consist of a long side that slopes down to the rear, forming two levels at the back and one at the front.

What Are The Advantages Of Living In A Two-Story House?

The immediate benefit of a two-story construction is to enlarge the living space, especially for families with children. It is because they often need a large space to play and entertain.

For small land areas, this construction will help optimize space use. You can save some space for a garden or a playground.

However, the cost to own it is usually not small. Therefore, you need to do your research first and consider your affordability.


So the question is: “How tall is a two story house?”, got the answer. This number ranges from 20 to 35 feet, depending on the regulations of each country. Besides, it is also affected by ceiling height, attic space, and type of roof installed.

The height is measured vertically from the ground to the highest point of the ceiling or the sum of floors and the space between floors. Non-architectural elements are not included.

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