Tips for Gardening (and Other Small Upgrades) as a Renter

If you’re a renter, you may not feel like you can do too many permanent things to your home. Since you might not live there forever, there can be a lot of hesitation over upgrades like gardening.

These kinds of expenses typically aren’t cheap. And while some investments, like renters insurance coverage, are worth the cost, you may feel like something as small as a garden isn’t.

If you have a passion for gardening — or making other minor upgrades — there are some ways you can make them renter-friendly. By doing so, you can feel pride in your home without worrying about losing on the cost of your investments.

Opt for Potted Plants to Ensure Easy Mobility

One of the simplest ways to have a completely renter-friendly garden is to use potted plants rather than planting in soil. Potted plants are easily moved from location to location — although they might be heavy depending on their size. 

You can plant various plants in pots, from vegetables to small trees. No matter your choice, you’ll be relieved when the time comes to move, and all your plants can easily travel to your new home. 

If you live in a climate with harsh weather, you may find another bonus of potted plants. Because of their easy mobility, you can bring them inside when the weather turns bad. Doing this can helps your plants live a long and healthy life. 

Find Low-Cost Options for Planting

If you don’t like the idea of potted plants or simply want something more permanent, you can look for low-cost options to avoid spending too much on your garden. Since your residence may not be forever, you’ll feel less worried about leaving behind a garden you have invested in minimally. 

A great way to get plants cheap is by using cuttings. If you have friends or family who garden, ask for a cutting of some of their favorite plants. Trimming a healthy plant stem and adding it to your own garden can help you create a stunning outdoor space with minimal cost.

There are also options like yard sales, farmer’s markets, and local plant rescues where you can find plants for a low price. Opting for cheaper plants may take more time and patience, but the reward of a beautiful garden for a low cost may be worth the wait. 

Other Small Renter-Friendly Upgrades

If you don’t want to stop at gardening, there are many other ways to make your rental feel like home without permanent changes. 

Use Peel-and-Stick Options for a Big Visual Change

Making big visual differences in your rental may seem difficult without permanent changes. However, peel-and-stick options can allow you to make a massive impact on your space without a commitment.

You can find peel-and-stick designs for almost anything — from flooring to backsplash — allowing you to transform your rental and easily remove it once you’re ready to move. 

Use Peel-and-Stick Options for a Big Visual Change

Add Curtains for Some Interest

Curtains can significantly impact the overall appearance of your home. You can go dramatic with long, elegant options or keep it more organic with a bamboo set. 

This upgrade is entirely renter-friendly regardless of the kind of curtains you choose. You can use damage-free wall hangers to hold your curtains in place. Once you move out, you can easily remove the hooks from your walls with no holes or harm to the walls. 

Swap Your Plate Covers for a More Elevated Look

Maybe your light switch and outlet covers weren’t the first things that came to mind when you considered making upgrades, but they can make a big difference. Old, outdated covers can drag down the overall look of your space, whereas newer, more modern options can elevate it. 

These covers aren’t challenging to swap as long as you have a screwdriver. You can remove the existing cover and screw in your upgrade in just a few minutes. Just be sure to purchase the right size, so they sit flush. Once you are ready to move, make the swap again and bring your covers along with you. 

Gardening and Small Upgrades for Your Rental

Renting where you live may make you feel like you can’t make many permanent changes, which is one of the disadvantages of renting vs. buying a home. You might long for a stunning garden but worry about leaving all your efforts and expenses behind when you move.

However, you don’t have to sacrifice the garden of your dreams or other minor upgrades just because you’re a renter. By following these tips, you can make rental-friendly improvements to your home that you can bring to your next location. 

Also, don’t forget to protect all your belongings and improvements with renters insurance. This policy ensures that you won’t find yourself paying to replace your belongings out of pocket if damage or theft occurs.

Alexandra Arcand

Alexandra Arcand writes and researches for the insurance comparison site, She is a gardening enthusiast who enjoys sharing her knowledge with others hoping to elevate their outdoor space.