Can Succulents Grow In Shade

Succulents are one of the most popular plants around. They are easy to take care of, comfortable in cramped spaces, and come in various sizes, shapes, and shades. These plants are found in a wide range of environments across the world and can endure harsh lighting conditions.

But the recent trend is to decorate your house with succulents, so they might not receive enough sunlight. Have you ever wondered “Can succulents grow in shade?”. And if so, how much shade?

Can Succulents Grow In Shade?

Can succulents survive in the shade? Most people assume that succulents will grow just fine in the shade.

Indeed, many varieties are adapted to low-light environments and can be grown without direct sunlight or very bright artificial lights. But succulents with deeper green leaves usually need more than 8 hours of light each day and won’t thrive if they stay in the shade.

The needs of different varieties of succulents vary in terms of light. For example, some require up to 10-14 hours of direct sunlight per day, while others may only require half that amount to grow well. However, if they are exposed to too much sun, they could get sunburned.

This is why succulents need to be provided with some shade; however, it is often easier to err on the side of avoiding too little sunlight than over-saturating them in it.

Succulent plants are cultivated from a diverse array of regions and habitats worldwide. So many types have evolved with different tolerances as far as sunlight goes!

Which Varieties Of Succulents Can You Plan In Shade?

While direct sunlight (as much as 6 hours of sun) helps succulents grow and flower, not all plants respond well to a sudden change in lighting conditions. We recommend giving plants an indirect light source but not too harsh, for example under the trees during the intense summer months.

The following breaks down a list of succulents that are better suited to grow in the shade: different Christmas cacti will need 8 hours of indirect sunlight; Echeveria plants called Painted Lady, Panda Plant, and Aloe Vera will require 6 hours of sun; Jade plants and Flaming Kates can withstand 4 hours under the sun; Burro’s Tail needs about 3-4 hours under bright sunlight.

Can Artificial Light Be Used For Planning Succulents Under Shade?

When it comes to succulents, there are a couple of options for lighting. We could use natural sunlight or artificial light. Outdoor plants seem to like the natural sunshine, but keep in mind to find a place your yard that is always receiving sufficient sunlight.

If you want your succulents to live indoors, you will need artificial light for them – especially if you choose to plant succulents that can’t adapt well, like cactus and all others that crave high amounts of sunshine. Regarding choosing your succulent, remember which ones do best under bright lights.

They can be often overlooked as they are often tagged as low-maintenance houseplants due to their easy-to-care-for reputation.

What Tips Can You Have To Care For Succulents?

Some succulents are suited for partial sunlight, and some are strictly shade-lovers. Suppose you have an awning covering your growing area, finding the plant has become stagnant and there’s no new growth. It’s advisable to move it into an area that receives more sun. We recommend planting a potted succulent so that you can easily move it back into the light when needed.

If it’s not in your power to move the plant somewhere sunnier, consider mixing container-grown succulents with in-ground ones in a shaded bed. This is to make sure that every living creature enjoys its favorable environment as much as possible.


Can succulents grow in shade? Generally, succulents can be grown in areas with little to no exposure to natural light.

For instance, if you have an area in your home like a nursery or garden where the sun does not hit it throughout daylight, opt for succulents that require low light levels, such as cacti and aloe vera jade plants. Hope you have a great time reading our article.

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