Beefmaster tomato

Tomatoes are a staple in most households, but one rare variety that has been making waves for its very unique taste can only be Beefmaster Tomato. It is extremely juicy and has an intense flavor that makes it perfect for salsa or pasta sauce. If you want to grow it in your garden collection, read the article below to know everything about this plant.

Beefmaster Tomato Overview

Beefmaster tomatoes are hybrid F1 fruit that produce large, meaty, and disease-resistant tomatoes. They’re categorized as hybrids from the two “pure” first generation of Beefmasters, more productive with larger yields than individual fruits from either parent plant.

However, saving seeds may result in a loss of genetic diversity or undesirable physical variations. Tomatoes are plants that need to be staked. You should prune the suckers off of them to control their growth. When they fully grow, they can reach heights of 8-10 feet tall.

Here are some reasons why gardeners love these juicy beefsteak tomato plants:

First, they can handle heat well even if your area is experiencing high temperatures. You won’t have to worry about them producing little or no fruit at all during the summer months. These hearty tomatoes also take less time on average for their skins to turn deep red.

Next, they also have the following advantages:

  • They are solid, large, and also meaty.
  • They are fertile and will make lots of tomatoes.
  •  These plants are good because they can resist many things like root-knot nematodes, fusarium wilt, and verticillium wilt.
  • They don’t crack very often. Besides, they don’t break or split.

How To Grow Beefmaster Tomato?

1. Pick The Right Spot In Your Garden

Beefmaster tomatoes need full sunlight to grow. That means that your garden needs six or eight hours of sun each day. The perfect spot for your garden should not be shaded in the summer. Consider looking for a space that will stay beautifully lit all year long, or at least during its most productive season!

2. Get The Soil Right

It is important to get the soil right when you are planting a garden. Tomatoes need to have healthy, nutrient-dense soil because they are heavy feeders. And make sure that your soil drains well; otherwise, the plants will have wet feet, leading to root rot.

Before you plant in your garden, take some organic matter and put it on the ground so that plants can grow. The Beefmaster tomato plants need soil with a pH range between 6.4 and 6.8 to grow well.

If you want to grow Beefmasters, get your soil tested in the fall. The plant’s lack of calcium leads to blossom end rot, so you can use a calcium spray if you know ahead of time. And last, You can add crushed eggshells to your garden bed to add more calcium.

3. Start Seedlings Inside (Or Buy Seedlings)

If you find Beefmaster tomatoes in stores near where you live, buy them there instead so that they are more convenient when it comes time for planting. If not available locally, then start them inside if possible because this will be much less expensive than getting a single plant from the store.

In order to grow your tomatoes from seeds, you must start them within 5-6 weeks before the last frost date. To ensure they get off on the right foot, use high-quality potting soil and gradually raise a light as their seedlings grow. Finally, 3-4 weeks after sprouting, add tomato fertilizer for maximum growth!

4. Know When To Plant Beefmaster Tomatoes Outside

 To plant Beefmaster Tomatoes outside,  you should plant them after the last frost date in your area. If a frost comes, then you will lose your tomatoes. The important thing is to pay attention to the weather and make sure it is not cold out before planting tomatoes. It’s to make sure your farmland is in a region with enough days without frost. You will need an average of 80 days per year before the crops can be harvested around October.

You can start them early if you live in a colder region and the plants need to be put outside. You should use a frost blanket for protection, so they stay warm and do not get frostbite.

5. Harden Seedlings Off

When it comes to planting your seedlings, remember these important steps. First, you should harden them off by putting them outside for a little while in a sunshade area and then bring them back inside before setting up the garden of their new home. You will be happy with how much better they grow this way!

The following day, put your plants outside in a spot that has more sunlight.

Every day, take your plants outside for a longer time and bring them inside when the sun goes down.

Soon you’ll have your seedlings outside for one day. Then it’s time to plant it in your garden.

6. Plant The Tomatoes Outside

You need to harden off your seedlings before you plant them outside. They are large plants, so they need enough space. At first, it might seem like there is too much space between the plants when you put out these small seedlings, but they still need room to grow. The steps to plant:

  • Dig a hole that is deeper than the tomato plants. Make sure to bury the plant deep enough so that it will have roots.
  • Plant the seedlings 2-2.5 feet apart.
  • Plant the seedlings in the soil, making sure that there is enough soil around them.

Water your plants deeply so that the water can reach the roots. This helps the plant grow.

It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.

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What Are Beefmaster Tomatoes’ Growing Requirements?

The Beefmaster tomato is a hearty and high-quality plant that doesn’t succumb to common diseases or pests. They need full sunlight, with temperatures around 18°C – 21°C (65-70F).

Make sure to plant them deep enough (about ¼ inch) to cover the roots. Plant 36″ apart from other plants or in an 8′-10′ row spacing to get the best yield. Planting heights should be around six feet, and you should protect them with cages and stakes, so they stay healthy.

Sowing time usually starts in April, and they will reach maturity in 80 days, and you can harvest the succulent Beefmasters from July to October. More especially, they can produce 20 ounces on average per fruit.

Beefmaster tomato garden


In general, the beefmaster tomato is a very tough plant and can survive in many different climates. Their care requirements are easy to follow with the right guide so that you know what needs to be done when caring for your beefmaster tomato plants. Follow our helpful guide above and if you need help with their care requirements, let us know! We hope these tips have been helpful and that you will find success growing this wonderful heirloom variety.

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