4 Easy Steps To Make Your Garden More Secure

Garden security is important for a few reasons. Firstly, the back garden is the most common entry point to the home for burglars. If it’s easy for anyone to gain access to your garden, you become a target for break-ins or vandalism.

Secondly, you may have a lot of expensive tools and equipment in your garden and these can attract thieves too. So, if you want to protect your home properly, you’ll need to make a few simple changes to improve your garden security.

Here are some of the best methods.

1. Install Higher Fences

A small fence is easy to climb over, even if the gate is locked with a heavy-duty bolt. Criminals will be on the lookout for any gardens with small fences because it makes life easier for them. Installing higher fences immediately makes you less of a target, as they will have to scale a more forbidding height. Couple this with a strong lock on your gate, and your garden will be much safer. Having taller fences also gives you a lot more privacy in your garden.

2. Invest in Deterrents

Investing in a few key deterrents, will ensure that prowling burglars will move right past your garden and look elsewhere. CCTV cameras and security lights are two of the most effective pieces of equipment you can buy. As soon as a culprit approaches and the lights go up, or they spot the cameras, they’ll run away.

You should also invest in the mosquito device to help you deter vandalism in your garden and around your home. This clever device emits a noise at a frequency that younger adults and teens are sensitive to, but it doesn’t affect older people. This repels any groups of teenagers hanging around your home – potentially plotting trouble.

3. Cut Back Overgrown Bushes

Bushes are excellent for creating a border around your garden and giving yourself some privacy. However, they can also be a security risk if you don’t keep them in check.

Overgrown bushes provide a lot of cover for strangers to sneak into gardens undetected.

Having a big overgrown bush, also suggests that a home may be empty, but if they are trimmed regularly, onlookers believe that the house is occupied. So, make sure you cut back your bushes on a regular basis, to keep your garden safe.

4. Store Tools Securely

Tools are one of the most attractive targets for burglars, because they can break into the shed and steal them, without ever having to outdo home security systems. If they are left on show, it makes them irresistible to thieves and you’ll lose lots of expensive items.

It’s important that you store tools securely in your shed or garage and use the best padlock to protect them. Shed maintenance is also important, because any gaps or loose boards, can be used as a point of entry.

Keep these simple tips and tricks in mind to make your garden more secure.

Last Updated on October 13, 2023 by admin