Best Package Deals to Lower Your Home Insurance Rate

Insurance providers provide customer service and underwriting services for every one of their clients. If they can multitask by servicing one client with more than one policy, it’s good for them. In the ideal world, insurance companies incentivize bundling because it also helps them out in the long run. 

Home and auto insurance bundles are the most popular package deal. Packaging more than one policy work in their favor even better when they have a client who is responsible, low-risk, and has multiple insurance needs. 

Bundling Home and Auto Insurance

The obvious and most common insurance to bundle is your home and auto. Do a quick Google search, and you’ll see this is where the bundling is at.

Often companies will offer a steep discount on the auto side of their insurance options to get you to sign your home insurance over to them. You are less likely to be aware of home insurance rates than you are about auto insurance, especially when the premiums are rolled into escrow.

Then, the insurance provider can slowly raise rates on your home policy or add fees gradually without you noticing. It’s good practice to routinely review your policies and premiums and compare quotes.

Bundling Life and Home Insurance

Bundling home and life insurance policies doesn’t get as much attention in advertisements or conversations. However, raising your home insurance deductible can lower your rates. 

This might seem counterintuitive, and you might say, “but I have insurance so that I prevent a large bill due when I can’t handle it.” Here’s where the life insurance policy saves the day. 

If you open a whole-life or universal insurance policy that accrues cash value, you can borrow against that value tax-free. You have access to emergency cash flow and still accrue interest on your whole policy. 

The catch with whole-life and universal life insurance is it takes time to build momentum. Monthly premiums can be steep. But if you look at the long-term potential of having a life insurance policy that builds cash value and that you can borrow against, it can be well worth the price tag.

Bundling Home and RV Insurance

The last most common bundle is to package home insurance with “toys” like recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and other expensive belongings. 

Some insurance companies do better than others regarding insuring motorcycles and RVs. With the rise in camper van popularity and specially modified vans, RV insurance is becoming broader in application than what you’re picturing a classic RV to be.

Some companies excel in insuring modified vehicles. Start there and look into homeowner’s insurance. Having one payment if you’re on the road and out of routine is a perk. 

Good Companies for Bundling

What good is great insurance coverage if the provider cannot back up their claims? Here are some solid insurance companies to consider for saving with bundling.


Progressive is expanding at a rapid pace. Their popularity is understandable. They offer a broad range of insurance coverage, including life and RV insurance. 

Progressive also works with third-party insurance providers for their home insurance policies. Local insurance can be an advantage when addressing regional needs and expectations.  

Progressive also offers many discounts for just about everything imaginable. In addition, they outrank in excellent customer service reviews and have a tech edge over competitors.


USAA has a stellar reputation for customer service, coverage options, and affordability. It’s not available to everyone, you have to be a military member. 

If you can take advantage of them, you probably should. USAA ranks in the top five in many ratings lists for home and auto bundles. 

Their homeowner’s insurance caters to military things by covering service uniforms, weapons, and other military-issued items that might be destroyed or damaged in a home.

Another advantage of USAA is their availability in all 50 states. Though they do not provide brick-and-mortar locations in all states, they still offer policies for every state and Washington, D.C. This is a perk for military families who may find themselves relocating quite often.


Nationwide offers an impressive array of insurance options, including homeowner, life, auto, RV, and even gap insurance.

They are one of the largest insurance providers in the United States and have the financial stability to back their coverage. Financial security in your insurance provider is fundamental.

They get some of the best reviews for RV insurance and bundle everything from home and auto to RV and life. Nationwide also provides pet insurance, which is unique. Other major insurance companies outsource their pet policies.

The Bottom Line

It might seem easier to secure your garden than hedge your insurance needs. Lowering your home insurance rates can be as simple as bundling with auto, raising your deductible by using whole life insurance, or insuring RV, motorcycle, or other extras with the same provider. 

Remember that with insurance, cheaper is not always better. Customer service and knowledge of agents are worth their weight in gold. What good is a claim if you cannot file it or come to find out your coverage is lacking?

Shop around and compare quotes. Starting online is a great launch point. Every insurance company varies in their service by state. So talk to a local agent and get answers for all your “what ifs.” Research might be hard work, but is worth it in the long run.

Maria Hanson writes and researches for She is passionate about empowering homeowners to find their best insurance options.

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